Sales Internship in Austin, TX

MLee Healthcare|Sales Internship in Austin, TX

MLee Healthcare is seeking a uniquely qualified individual(s) for a 2023 Summer Internship in Sales / Marketing.

About Us

MLee Healthcare is a Healthcare Staffing, Recruiting, and Services company committed to high levels of integrity and service. Whether you are choosing a human resources partner to help fill important roles in your organization or exploring new opportunities, either one can be a significant decision you make this year. Our services combine state of the art marketing techniques with nearly two decades of experience to provide a wealth of knowledge in regards to professionals in the healthcare vertical.

This position is open to person(s) seeking a career in sales and or the business side of the Healthcare field; this is a competitive internship for candidates serious about learning sales and marketing for a career. We call this a “Career Salesperson”. If you feel you are good at influencing decision makers, please read on.

We are proven producers with six figure sales strategies, under our management you will learn

Advanced sales techniques + Psychology of sales + Anatomy of a sales call

Honesty will set you free – There are no slimy sales here, we are not selling something people don’t want. Prospects either want to grow their business or want to grow themselves as a professional. We don’t want to sugar coat it, this is for skilled salespeople wishing to advance in their craft.


Candidates will be paid $11/hr + commission. A good summer intern could make another $10,000 or so in commissions depending on how good they are at this job.

Candidates can earn commission based on the new business they are able to generate as well as deals they’ve earned a part of.


Prospective schedule can be flexible.

Candidates are expected to make calls and send emails to drive business, as a result…communication is critical.

Deal making personalities will not be overlooked, if you have experiences that you feel are relevant please provide a leave behind or highlight this in a key accomplishments area of your resume.

Ability to work without supervision and being a self-starter is crucial. This position includes training but often you will need to think on your feet and make decisions that produce results in our niche.

You need to have the ability to think on your feet- we are typically dealing with highly educated and skilled clients. Your ability to get your point made quickly and thoroughly is important.  It’s important to note you will be learning advanced sales and psychology however you will not be required to do the heavy lifting, you just need to open doors and nurture relationships. We have senior recruiters that will assist and close placements if the candidate and client match.

MLee Healthcare|Sales Internship in Austin, TX
MLee Healthcare|Sales Internship in Austin, TX

Ability to learn new technology quickly is key, we use a database to record data we have learned during calls. Sales tracking is important to us and having the ability to engage in conversation while updating records would be helpful. Often you will ask for an email and fire off a basic informational message so prospects can reach us when they are ready.

Phone experience would be very helpful. Candidates with experience in over the phone sales should highlight this experience. While it is not critical- it is important because this is a phone business.

Position includes some administrative responsibilities.

Andy McCall Managing Director

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They placed me in the perfect environment. After speaking to them about myself and career they found me the perfect home. Their staff talks to you as much as needed and promotes your best self. They are the best people I have ever worked with.

- Carrie Ternes / Google Review

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MLee Healthcare|Sales Internship in Austin, TX

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