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Andy McCall

Managing Director

Andy has nearly twenty years of professional search experience spanning a variety of disciplines and is extremely polished in the field of Healthcare. Andy has a passion for empowering companies using his own creative and strategic ways to staff organizations .He has been quoted and consulted by organizations such as Monster, CareerBuilder, Indeed, and news outlets, such as Fox Business.

Prior to founding McCall & Lee, Andy gained a head start in sales as a teenager with MCI/Worldcom, leading him to a then booming Gateway Computer Co.  After his successful sales career at Gateway Computer Co. where he earned elite status and honors as a top producer, he spent 10 years developing and growing teams for other successful executive search organizations. During this time, Andy was recruited by a National Top 10 Executive Search Firm and relocated to Texas. As a result of his hard work, Andy has been rewarded the most prestigious titles and awards in the Sales and Executive Search industry. Top awards and notable accomplishments include; Owner, Partner, Managing Partner, Circle of Champions (top 5%), and Presidents Club (top 10%).

Andy currently resides in Austin, Texas with this three children. Outside of work Andy enjoys competitive sports, the great outdoors, fishing, and spending time with family.

Matt Morgan


Matt is proud to be part of the McCall & Lee family. He feels the passion, talent and dedication within our exceptional team are incomparable. The core value of our extraordinary internal culture resonates to attract premier opportunities.

Matt is an Austin, TX native and outside of work he enjoys competitive sports such as; soccer and sand volleyball, the great outdoors, and spending time with friends and family.

Christianna Covello


Christianna is a Client Relations executive at McCall and Lee. She is currently a senior at Western Michigan University, majoring in Marketing with a minor in General Business. Christianna is on track to graduate in April of 2021.

On campus, Christianna is a member of The Sales and Business Marketing Association, as well as an active member of Alpha Phi Sorority. She enjoys spending time with friends and family, going on runs, and traveling.

Christianna is excited to continue her professional career here at McCall and Lee, and is eager to expand her knowledge and grow in a workplace environment.

Kara Scherff


McCall and Lee is pleased to announce Kara Scherff as our Client Relations Manager for parts of the United States. Prior to joining McCall and Lee Kara spent 3 years in Client Relations for Hydro and Air where she achieved accolades including #2, #6, and #8 in marketing competing worldwide. Kara’s office was also one of the top producing offices globally.  

Originally from Kansas, Kara has spent most of her professional career in Austin, TX where she currently resides and enjoys spending time with her family, outdoor activities, travel, and cooking. 

Diego Flores


McCall and Lee is pleased to announce that Diego Flores has joined our team as an Executive Recruiter for the southern region of the United States.

Diego was born and raised in Houston, Texas, and is currently studying at Texas State University. He is on track to graduate with a triple minor in Business Administration, Public Relations, and Sociology. Prior to joining McCall and Lee, Diego interned in Boston, Massachusetts for Vivint Smart Homes as a Sales Representative.

Outside of work Diego enjoys running, music and spending time with his dog, Apollo. He is very excited to start a career with one of the industry’s leading firms and appreciates all the help and support from his colleagues!


Taylor Isaacs


Taylor is a Recruiter for McCall and Lee with a focus in the Central US. Growing up in the Midwest, Taylor attended college at University of Southern Indiana. After finishing school he began applying his communication competence to the real world by starting his first career in technology sales. In four years time, he went from a sales representative to the regional director for Vivint Smart Home. Growing up in a healthcare based family, Taylor was naturally drawn back to Healthcare and respects how MLee provides the upmost level of transparency and responsiveness. He now leads the Midwest office and splits his time between his family residence in Indianapolis, Indiana and MLee headquarters in Austin, Texas. Taylor enjoys the great outdoors, fishing, travel, and hiking during his free time.

Marco Farrish


Marco Farrish is a practice leader and recruiter at McCall and Lee and is passionate about finding the best opportune matches for his clients. Proud to work at McCall and Lee, Marcos focus of work is not just about being at the cutting edge of the healthcare industry, but most importantly about catering to the community of his clients, and adding his personal finesse and constructive work ethics to his passion for helping others.

Prior to joining McCall and Lee, Marco graduated from McCoy School of Business. Marco is a local from Houston TX, and now currently resides in Austin TX for the past five years.

Outside of work he enjoys multiple competitive sports, the serene outdoors and spending quality time with his friends and family.

Cristian Garza


Chistian is our recruiter for the South West United States. he has a passion for helping the community whether it’s his own or part of his clients. Strong communication skills and staying worldly connected are his two main driving factors for this field of business. Cristian grew up in Houston Texas then attended Texas State University. While completing his degree as a full-time student he was also a full time Realtor until transitioning into Healthcare. In his free time Cristian enjoys the great outdoors, hiking, fishing, and traveling.

Hoss Melton


Hoss Melton is a Recruiter and Practice Leader with a focus on the Western US. For the past ten years, Hoss has excelled in every area of Healthcare, whether it be Clinical Laboratory, Nursing, Therapy, or Administration positions. By bringing together a strong work ethic and a deep understanding of the recruitment process he can always find the right professional for your hospital.

Hoss started his career in direct marketing where he developed strong communication skills to help bring together people with products and services. After working in the power electronics world recruiting engineers, he shifted gears and transitioned into the healthcare field. Working as an inside sales executive with Royce Medical, Hoss found a home working with healthcare professionals.

As National Sales Manager for Ossur Orthopedics and Prosthetics, Hoss controlled the company’s O&P distribution network with just over 26 million in sales a year. While working for Ossur Orthopedics Hoss was recruited by the worlds largest prosthetics company Otto Bock to help design and lead their orthopedics business in the USA.

Currently Hoss lives and works in California with his five daughters were they spend their time enjoying the outdoors hiking, camping, and going to the beautiful Southern California beaches.

Austin Copeland


Austin is a recruiter at McCall and Lee with emphasis in the Southern-Central region. Austin is a passionate leader that is proud to be a part of an industry leading firm. His work ethic has repeatedly been displayed by helping his clients find the best fit for each opportunity.  Austin values helping people find their next step in their career while catering to fill the needs of his clients.

Prior to joining the team, Austin graduated from Texas State University and worked in software sells at Dell Technologies. Outside of work, he enjoys traveling, producing music, and spending time on the lake. His greatest adventure was backpacking in South East Asia for six months while teaching English to kids.


Jared Carrillo


McCall and Lee is pleased to announce that Jared Carrillo has joined the team as an Executive Recruiter for the Eastern Coast of the United States. Jared is proud to be apart of an industry leading firm and a member of the McCall and Lee family. He is passionate about helping others succeed and empathetic to the needs of his clients. Jared looks forward to contributing to the healthcare industry and is grateful for medical staff on the front line.

Prior to joining McCall and Lee, Jared attended Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas. He began his professional career with Power Home Remodeling where he specialized in Marketing and Sales. There he found his passion for networking and client relations. Outside of work Jared is a member of the Texas River Alliance which is a non-profit organization whose main goal is the environmental sustainability of Texas rivers. He also enjoys the arts and traveling the world.

“Do the right thing. It will gratify some people and astonish the rest.” Mark Twain

Jonah Rader


McCall and Lee is pleased to announce Jonah Rader has joined the team as an Executive Recruiter for the southern region of the US. Jonah is a passionate leader that is proud to be a part of an industry leading firm. Jonah values helping people find their next step in their career and always caters to fill the needs of his clients.

Jonah graduated from Texas State University with a Finance degree. Prior to joining the team, Jonah worked at UBS as an Analyst and currently owns a successful night club in San Marcos, TX. Outside of work, he enjoys traveling, music, and any outdoor activities.


Aaron Rodriguez


 Aaron Rodriguez is a practice leader and recruiter at McCall and Lee and is passionate about enriching the quality of life within the community of his clients. He is proud to work at McCall and Lee where the main focus of work is not just about being at the cutting edge of the healthcare industry, but most importantly about fostering the community of his clients. 

Prior to joining McCall and Lee, Aaron graduated Magna Cum Laude from McCoy School of Business and worked for Advanced Micro Devices. Aaron is an Austin, TX native and outside of work he enjoys competitive sports, the great outdoors, fishing, playing the saxophone, and spending time with family. 

Aliyah Mccray


Aliyah Mccray is a Recruiter at McCall and Lee. Her caring, optimistic, and outgoing personality fuel her passion for people, inspiring her to explore, investigate, and effectively pursue job opportunities aligned with each one of her candidate’s unique career goals, creating the perfect marriage and securing them their dream job. Aliyah is in her element when talking to people, hearing their stories, and finding ways to create that perfect match.

Prior to joining McCall and Lee, Aliyah graduated from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Community Health, and worked for Texas A&M’s premiere employee wellness program, Flourish. She credits a huge part of her professional development to her time spent at this university as she developed a passion for connecting with people, building relationships, and helping others reach their career goals. As someone who enjoys taking on challenges, she hopes that her lifelong endeavors will allow her to leave a positive mark on the world.

Aliyah is a true local, born and raised right here in Austin, Texas. In her free time, you will likely find her exploring the greenbelt with her partner and two spunky pups, Willow and Luna. Aliyah also enjoys traveling with her family and friends, trying new foods, and seeking new thrilling life experiences.

Juliana Rodriguez

Spiritual Advisor

Juliana helps cultivate physical and mental strength for the team. She helps the McCall and Lee team re-center and focus during the work week by using techniques she’s developed as a Certified Vinyasa Yoga Instructor.

Mason Slade

Website and Marketing

How do you capture the essence of a person in words? I could state my likes and dislikes. For example I like hiking, running and being outside. I dislike spicy foods, never ending lectures and planning. I could tell you my favorite color is red or that when I was twelve I ran my first half marathon. I could also tell you that I have known that I wanted to be an entrepreneur since I was three years old and ran my own paper store like Michael Scott. Running Slade Marketing is a childhood dream come true.

There are lots of qualities that make me who I am as a person. I have always been fueled by competition which is why I enjoy running so much. I have a knack for technology. If it has an on button I can definitely learn how to work it and probably fix it. The great outdoors is where I try to spend most of my time because that’s where I am the happiest. On a warm day you will probably find me in my hammock away from the crowds. Crowds aren’t my thing. I have always been one to blaze my own path, sometimes just for the sake of doing so, other times because I see things differently than most.

My life motto has always been jump and figure out how you are going to fly on the way down. This has led to many unique experiences. It is how I met my wife. She is very much a planner but they say opposites attract and I certainly believe it. If you would like to see more of my work visit


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Matt M

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