ARRT - Radiology Technologist / MRI

York, PA

$126,001 - $166,401 a year

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Job Details

Profession: Allied Health, Radiology

Type: Full Time

ARRT - Radiology Technologist / MRI



Shift: Mon-Fri, Evenings, No call, No holidays


Employment Type: Travel



Position Overview: The MRI Technologist ensures prompt delivery of imaging services to inpatients and outpatients, following directives from a Radiologist and departmental protocols. Responsibilities encompass adjusting imaging parameters to examine soft tissue, arterial systems, brain, spine, joints, and extremities, whether using contrast media or not.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Operate MRI equipment to produce high-quality images of various anatomical structures for diagnostic purposes.
  • Position patients correctly and ensure their safety and comfort during imaging procedures.
  • Adjust imaging parameters and protocols based on the specific diagnostic needs and anatomical areas being studied.
  • Administer contrast media when necessary, following established protocols and ensuring patient safety.
  • Collaborate with Radiologists and healthcare team members to review images, discuss findings, and contribute to patient care plans.
  • Maintain accurate patient records, documenting procedures performed, patient medical history, and other relevant information.
  • Ensure compliance with safety standards and protocols for MRI procedures and equipment operation.
  • Participate in quality assurance activities to ensure accurate image acquisition and diagnostic quality.
  • Stay updated with advancements in MRI technology and participate in continuing education to maintain licensure and certifications.



  • Graduate of an accredited AMA school is a plus
  • Registered with the American Registry of Radiologic Technology (ARRT)
  • Has Magnetic Resonance Imaging Registry (MR) through ARRT
  • Maintains a State License as a general radiographer.
  • Epic experience required.
  • BLS required.