Rad Tech / CT Tech - XRay

Gettysburg, PA

$65,801 - $98,499 a year

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Job Details

Profession: Allied Health, Radiology

Type: Full Time

Rad Tech / CT Tech - XRay


Shift: Days, Varied, 5x8, 3x12, Every 4th weekend & Holiday rotation as needed


Employment Type: Travel



Position Overview: MLee Healthcare is seeking a talented and empathetic CT Scan Technologist to join our growing team. The CT Technologist has graduated from an accredited AMA school and holds registration with the American Registry of Radiologic Technology (ARRT). Licensed by the state as a general radiographer, the CT Technologist performs timely diagnostic services for both inpatients and outpatients under the supervision of a Radiologist and according to departmental protocols. Duties encompass basic radiographic procedures, fluoroscopy, portable radiographic procedures, C-arm procedures, and OR imaging services. Proficiency is demonstrated in routine diagnostic CT Scanning procedures such as head/brain, neck, thorax, spine, abdomen/pelvis, extremities, and biopsy/drainage procedures. Additional responsibilities include knowledge of CT system processing, sterile surgical procedures, studies with or without contrast media, and understanding of cross-sectional anatomy




Key Responsibilities:

  • Operate computed tomography (CT) equipment to produce cross-sectional images of patients' internal organs and tissues.
  • Position patients correctly and administer contrast media as needed for enhanced imaging.
  • Ensure patient safety and comfort during procedures, providing clear instructions and answering questions as necessary.
  • Monitor patients' conditions and reactions to the procedure, taking appropriate action in case of emergencies or adverse reactions.
  • Evaluate images for technical quality and ensure accuracy of diagnostic information.
  • Maintain accurate patient records and documentation of procedures performed.
  • Collaborate with radiologists and other healthcare professionals to discuss and interpret imaging results.
  • Maintain and calibrate CT equipment to ensure proper functioning and safety standards.
  • Adhere to radiation safety guidelines and protocols to minimize radiation exposure to patients and staff.
  • Stay current with developments in CT technology and participate in continuing education to maintain licensure and certifications.



  • Associates Degree Required
  • 1 year Related experience required
  • ARRT or Certified in Computed Tomography - NMTCB
  • Epic experience required
  • BLS required