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Excel in Your Interview

Interview Preparation Guide

Excelling in a job interview means more than meeting the qualifications of the job itself. Preparation should begin with learning as much as you can about the company you’ve applied to. Familiarizing yourself with the culture of the company and the demographics beforehand can play a key role in your overall poise and confidence when entering the interview. Being prepared with key documents can increase your chances for a successful interview as well. Anticipate the unexpected and make sure to bring several printed copies of your resume. You’d be surprised how many times hiring managers sit down for an interview and don’t have a copy of your resume on hand, so make sure you are prepared.


You should be the very best dressed in the room. It is your interview and it is important that you look your absolute best. Suit up, in some cases, a polo will be sufficient. If you are coming from work, let them know. It’s a good thing that you came directly from work and made time for the interview. It’s your responsibility to get your suit or business attire prepared for the meeting.


Arrive an hour early. Go over your notes and be over prepared before you go into the interview. Be prepared by researching the company, talk to your recruiter and talk to your HR contact. Make sure you are in a position to win the interview. The due diligence is your responsibility. Be in a position that you can be in the office 10-15 minutes ahead of your scheduled interview time.

Break the Ice

Make a friend. The interviewer will dictate the flow of the interview. If you are working with a military person make eye-contact and have a firm hand shake. Don’t be afraid to smile! Have a good introduction and remember to use the information you researched on the hiring company. Use language the company uses on their website.

Interview Tips
Aim for Clarity

Emphasize how you can help the company achieve their goals.
Asking questions are a sign of intelligence. The more questions you have the more intelligent you sound. Don’t try to stump the interviewer with overly difficult questions. Word your questions in a way so they can’t be answered with a yes or no.
Give examples of your past work experiences when you are answering questions. “Tell me what you are struggling with, tell me what you are looking for.”

Have these Prepared

“This is an area I’m passionate about.” “I’d like to volunteer my time in this area.” Say things in the interview you can take back. You can’t push an undo button. It is important that you position things in a way that you can later come back and ask questions to help you achieve success. “This is an area where I had success. Tell me about your situation. Are you using the same techniques, software, system?”

You should know what your management philosophy is. What is your attitude toward treatment of patients? In what way do you handle your coding? Find your philosophy and understand it. It is important in life that you know your own personal philosophy.”

Behavioral Interviewing

Research websites to find out what kind of behavioral questions might be asked as they can stump you.
It is important that you have answers ready. Ask questions when you don’t understand the question, draw it out of them. You sound more intelligent with these responses. Get their needs assessment.

Do’s & Dont’s
  • Dress conservatively.
  • Have a list of questions and let them dictate the flow. Don’t ask yes or no questions.
  • Leave your cell phone in the car, you don’t want to risk your phone going off in the middle of the interview.
  • Research more on why the position is available.
  • Look for a way you could solve a problem in the organization.
  • Focus on the profit.
  • Talk about the money and how you can convert more people into customers for the organization.
  • Keep it very friendly, it should be about your advancement in your career. Focus on the career advancement.
  • No Chewing gum.

  • Don’t talk too much.

  • Don’t wear anything too flashy.

  • No crossed arms or negative body language.

  • Do not talk negatively about your past employer.

  • Talking about salary before the interview is frowned upon. It’s like a waiter asking for a tip before the meal is over. “I am looking for competitive compensation.” This says I’m high quality and I’m expensive because I know what I am doing and am expecting to be on the top of their range. Don’t worry too much about negotiating your salary until you have been offered the job. You wouldn’t be at the interview unless there was something worth discussing.

This is a critical and important section. Taking a full needs assessment, you have had the full interview and know you like what they are presenting and hope to take it to the next level, ask them for the job on the spot. This is a chance to overcome any objections on the spot. Ask “Are there any responsibilities with this position that you would be concerned about me being able to handle? No? Great.” “I’d Like to continue this and based off what I have seen, responsibilities, position and my skills this looks like a place where I can fit in. Do you feel like I am a match?”
Most of the time it will be a decision by committee, so it is key to make everyone you meet feel important.

Close on the meeting
Make sure you buddy up with some folks.
Keep cursing to yourself. We are all adults but if it is questionable leave it out.
Focus on not saying things you can’t take back. “These are the skill sets I have, tell me how you find them to be successful? I am a quick learner and I’m confident that I can learn these skills.”

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