Trusted Partners in Healthcare Leadership Search

As the leading healthcare executive search firm, McCall and Lee emphasizes strategic collaboration with our clients and leverages the collective strength of our expert consultants across practices and around the world. Not only does this approach enable more successful healthcare recruiting, but it also helps us cultivate lasting relationships with our partner organizations across the care continuum.


Our collaborative approach results in outstanding support and continuous engagement, ensuring that clients are informed and educated to make key decisions during the search process. Working collectively and collaboratively makes our team better aware of challenges and crises affecting the healthcare industry and the types of leaders needed to manage them.




Healthcare Disruption

Whether addressing a major crisis or seismic change, healthcare leaders must show strength and model confidence and excellence for their organizations.


Increased Competition

Locally, regionally and globally, top leadership helps organizations differentiate themselves through improved access, quality and provider alignment.


Innovation and Adaptation

We help health systems adapt to market, technological and consumer changes, such as increasing entrants and new models of delivery.


Hospital System Integration

The departmental silos of the past can be overcome by executives who inspire organizational unity and collaboration.


Ongoing Health Reform

In the face of regulatory uncertainty and changing reimbursement models, stable leadership is needed for short- and long-term continuity.


Patient Safety and Quality

In a consumer-driven marketplace, the best executives know how to prioritize patient well-being.


Clients Include:

Children’s Hospitals



Managed Care

Physician Integration and Leadership


Rural Health

Senior Care, Home Care and Hospice