Customer Relationship Management System

The CRM is a specialized platform that is tailored for recruiting professionals. This comprehensive system features a dynamic dashboard offering real-time insights into daily activities and candidate pipelines.

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Candidates, at a glance

The platform streamlines the entire candidate recruitment journey.

From presenting offers and managing negotiations to providing crystal-clear onboarding instructions.

Features to improve performance

Packed with features to prioritize deals, monitor performance, and forecast revenue

Save time with our automated processes

Maximize your time and communicate centrally using our automated processes

Technology made just for you

Use our drag & drop components to create unique dashboards and sales pipeline views

Focus on deals while we track your progress

As you engage in activities and propel deals forward, we closely track your performance

Stay flexible with our mobile app

Use our mobile application to keep track of your deals on the go

All in one solution for optimal efficiency

The CRM streamlines candidate pipelines, communication, and financial processes for recruiters and companies.

Organize your events & follow ups

Create tasks for you and your team to stay organized.

Keep track of staging

The CRM visually represents client or candidate pipelines so you can keep track of your candidates at all times, showcasing stages such as interviews, placements, and submittals.

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