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How a Good Recruiter Can Elevate Your Career & Your Company

Many decisions throughout your life help shape your career path. The decision to go to university, to trade school, to get a masters, extra certifications, internships, apprenticeships—all these things help get you the jobs that get you where you want to be in your career and in your life. One thing most people might leave out of that list? A good recruiter or perhaps if you would…career advisor.

Oftentimes people only think of recruiters when they hit hard times and need help finding a way out. But having a good recruiter on your side as part of your career growth can actually help elevate your career in many ways. Similarly, as an organization, a good recruiter is as essential to your company’s success as a good accountant or a lawyer. Why wouldn’t you want the benefit of using the best practices and resources available to you? Recruiters talk with growing businesses. It would benefit most to have some rock-solid contacts in your respective vertical to solidify and accelerate job and business growth. We get calls from some of the best in the business all the time asking, “Does this look right?” or “Is my compensation in line? Should I be asking for anything more?” As career advisors, we can give honest, unbiased answers to these questions and more.

New & Unknown Opportunities

A good recruiter can bring you access to opportunities you wouldn’t have normally been able to reach. It’s a well-known secret that the best way to get a job is through networking,and having a good recruiter can help speed up the process by doing some of the work for you.

“Most candidates will only search in areas that they want to work/live and typically will not consider any opportunities outside of that or outside of a 25- to 35-minute commute,” said James Dinwoodie, a senior healthcare recruiter at MLee Healthcare. “We bring them opportunities that may truly be better,but may require a small relocation (usually paid for by the client) that the candidate may have never considered, but actually ends up being the longterm best fit for the candidate and client.”

From mid-level up to executive decisions, oftentimes the best candidates aren’t even looking or applying for open positions. When it comes to big moves late in a career, top level candidates use recruiters to help navigate and negotiate decisions. Good recruiters open up the candidate pool, sometimes even convincing a person who is one hundred percent satisfied with their job to make a change. Recruiters can be the best options to approach these types of people, because as a third party in the decision making process, we can look both ways making sure the organization and the candidate are making appropriate and beneficial choices.

Impactful for Everyone

We can help bring new candidates to organizations in a non-threatening way. In the same way that lawyers help de-escalate stressful situations, recruiters act as a third party between organizations and potential candidates to help make sure that both sides are making mutually beneficial deals. Even if you’re a professional who is deep within their field, you need someone who you can contact to give you professional advice from a neutral playing field.

When it comes time to negotiate offers and salaries, a recruiter can play an essential role. The recruiter will work on the offer negotiations and remove the personal and awkward nature of these conversations, Dinwoodie said.

“Much like surgeons would never operate on members of their own family, you should never negotiate your own compensation if you can help it,” Dinwoodie said. “It is just too personal and feelings can take over in place of common sense.”

Better Quality Feedback

Businesses and candidates give feedback to recruiters. Since that means recruiters hear from both sides of the playing field, they can help give advice about all the best practices. As a candidate, you’re going to be more qualified hearing not only what other people in the industry are doing, but also be able to tailor your qualifications to the specific needs of an organization.

Not only do recruiters help get candidates into consideration faster, but they can also help along the way with interview preparation, resume review and formatting.

“We always include our own thoughts into a blurb that’s then sent to the hiring manager along with the candidates resume,” said Dinwoodie. “These blurbs talk about why we think a candidate would make an interesting fit for the organization.”

Right off the bat, a candidate can get his or her own sales pitch from a respected source within the industry. This gives personality and humanizes the candidate to the hiring manager in a way that a resume just can’t do.

Career Guidance

Having a career counselor isn’t just for high schoolers. When you’re in a position looking to jump ship, it can be extremely beneficial to know what everyone else in your field is doing. Recruiters bring this knowledge to you. If you’re happy but wanting better pay, you’re going to get more conclusive ideas about how to go to your boss and get a raise. Organizations don’t have motivation to report the highest level they are willing to pay. But a good recruiter will share that information with you as a candidate.

Likewise, a recruiter can talk you out of a bad decision, mostly in part due to it not happening any other way. Why is this? If you check out another job only to get a counter offer where you are, that doesn’t help anyone. When looking at career paths, one might fall into a pattern of thinking that it’s always upward and onward. But that’s not always the case. Recruiters consider a good candidate to be someone who has had three or less jobs in the past ten years. Sometimes, it’s better to stay put and try to improve your current environment by switching up your role within a company or enhancing your current job in different ways. On that same note, if you’ve been in the same exact role for seven years, it most likely is time to spice things up in your career progression by either moving up within a company or moving out to a different organization.

As recruiters, we work directly with human resources managers all the time. As a result, we know what they are looking for, beyond just the description on the job posting.

“Through the process we have typically submitted candidates before and know what the hiring preferences are,” said Dinwoodie. “We dive in-depth with the HR representative, hiring manager, and direct supervisor over that position to find out exactly what type of candidate, background, leadership style, personality etc. they require.”

Overall, a good recruiter is as essential to a candidate as oil to an engine. We can make the job search process quicker, easier and less painful for everyone involved. Elevate your career by networking with a recruiter today to give you the best ideas to get ahead in your field.


Andy McCall is known best for his work in Healthcare Recruiting and Consulting but has worked in Executive Search for nearly 20 years.

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