McCall and Lee is a healthcare services company that has direct clinical staff, healthcare consulting services that include; staffing and recruiting services, McCall and Lee is also approved to broker accounts receivable (medical factoring) and consults for many healthcare related services. McCall and Lee is committed to exceptional standards of integrity and service in providing human resource advisory services, career coaching, retention, recruiting expertise, career opinions to publicly and privately held businesses. We have specialized expertise in healthcare / clinical recruiting, executive, nursing, physician, allied health, and physical therapy.

We provide award-winning results through collaboration, hard work, and industry best practices; carefully interviewing each client to obtain the best match, arrange appropriate mentorship, consulting, and create structures that optimize potential.

McCall & Lee is your trusted partner and leading provider of staffing and human resource advisory services. We have specialized expertise in partnering with small, middle-market, and large fortune 500 companies in wide array of industry verticals and niche markets to achieve the best possible outcome through a variety of transactions.

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If you are a provider (e.g. doctor, surgeon, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, physical therapist, occupational therapist, to name a few). Inquire with us on how we can work together to better serve your patients.