Staffing in Healthcare during the COVID-19 / Coronavirus outbreak

MLeeHealthcare COVID-19


As a result of COVID-19, hospitals both large and small are the front lines for diagnosis and

treatment for those infected with Novel Coronavirus. Now, more than ever, hospitals will

encounter ever-growing staffing shortages as Allied Health Clinicians, Nursing Professionals,

and Providers are facing overwhelming workload increases while trying to meet their family

demands at home.

McCall and Lee has been in the healthcare recruiting industry for nearly twenty years. As a

result, we have become experts in the field and specialize in recruiting hard to find candidates for

difficult to fill positions.

We have prepared our office and have a full team of dedicated recruiters that will be working

long hours daily to be of service for those in need during this time of crisis.

Whether it be our candidate’s desire to be closer to family members in need of assistance, or out

of necessity to help their family during this difficult time.

It would be a pleasure for us to be a reliable staffing resource you can turn to and trust during

this time of need.

We want to understand your needs.


Andy McCall

Managing Partner