How To Attract the right Physical Therapist talent

By far, requests by clients to recruit Physical Therapists are higher now than ever before. In past years, Physical Therapists needed a Bachelor’s Degree in order to enter the workforce. The Master’s Degree requirement quickly ensued with a Doctorate Degree now being the preferred program by many hiring organizations and is the standard educational level nationally. Additionally, with life expectancies increasing, athletics, and physical health becoming more main stream, the need for more PTs continues to increase. Full Article

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Interview Prep

Interviewing may be the Most important skill in your job search. You’ve put in the time and hard work but first impressions are everything…are you prepared?


ASCP Medical Technologist Recruiter

Recruiting In Todays Market For Clinical Lab Scientist And Medical Technologist (ASCP Certified)

Currently Lab recruiting nationally is one of the most “difficult to staff”positions in the US, California specifically is at nearly a crisis level. Recruiters in the space including us are applying best practices daily however with the constantly and ever changing marketplace those channels can change quickly. Some of the necessary ways we are in front of CLS/MLS prospects are on permanent Clinical Lab Scientist job boards like the ASCLS. Some of our open positions we market through channels including but not limited to; Ads online, major job boards, referral network, LinkedIn (most connected in lab), direct mail, email and most importantly our referral network. Candidates can receive a referral fee for introducing us to their peers. Our most successful campaign is a collection of our recruiters speaking to our deep database we’ve built over the years. We are seeing salaries increase typically in the range of 5-10%++ as most of the Lab professionals employed are over the age of 54 years we will continue to see a major shortage in this space.


Recruit The Best Talent In Nursing With Incentives And Proper Employee Treatment

The increase in Nursing demand has possibly never been higher. The increase has made recruiting in this space quite competitive. We are currently representing ER/ED, Cath, ICU, Med Surg, Peds, and HH to name a few. Candidates are encouraged to apply but recruiters like us are capable of performing helpful searches on the candidates behalf. More to come…