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Technical Strategy for Recruiting Medical Technologists & Clinical Lab Scientists

Today, nearly every hospital has a need for an ASCP Certified MLT or MT, also known as an MLS or in states such as California and New York (CLS). As a result, recruiters and human resource departments are scrambling to fill the void.

Currently Lab recruiting nationally is one of the most “difficult to staff”positions in the US. Recruiters in the space, including us, are applying best practices daily to keep pace with the constant and ever changing marketplace. One of the ways that we stay in front of CLS/MLS prospects is to utilize Clinical Lab Scientist job boards like the ASCLS. Some of our open positions are marketed through channels including but not limited to; online ads, major job boards, LinkedIn (most connected in lab), direct mail, email and most importantly through our vested referral networks. Candidates may also receive a referral bonus for introducing us to their peers. Our most successful campaign is a combination of our recruiters utilizing our intricate database that we’ve compiled over the last two decades.

Some of the troubles stem from many Medical Technology professionals pursuing careers in Big Pharma, Pet/Animal Science, or more lucrative areas such a private practices, drug screening, etc.

How do we combat an aging demographic and a shortage of fresh talent? Well, the first option is to be better than the next guy…

Laboratory Technologist Recruiting; Analyzing the Market

The employment of laboratory technologists is projected to grow thirteen percent (13%) from the year 2016 to 2026, as reported by the Department of Labor. In addition, the retirement of thousands of baby boomers threatens to create a shortage in healthcare on a national scale while the increasingly aging population is expected to lead to a greater need in diagnosing medical conditions such as cancer or diabetes through laboratory procedures.

The Recruiting Lab where “Hiring the best is your most important task”.

In today’s ever expanding healthcare field, fifty three percent (53%) of Laboratories have reported to struggle filling laboratory technology roles. It takes an average time of 2 months to fill a single position with 1 out of 5 facilities experiencing turnover within the first year.

MLee Healthcare|Laboratory

In 2018, eighty three percent (83%) of Laboratory Technologists are now millennials. Targeting the “Gen Y” population invokes a very different process than attracting baby boomers; these differences are what have caused us to fully evolve our recruiting process. In today’s industry, it takes much more than just beating your competitors offered salary. The motivation of Gen Y is to find employers who connect with their core values and assist in growing their careers. Placing ads and cold calling are no longer enough when it comes to recruiting the right candidates. The vessels now include, primarily, the use of social media, alternative advertising, and trusted referral networks.

When recruiting; one of the largest challenges can be matching the attitude and personality of the candidate with the existing team and culture of your facility. Bridging this gap between Millennials and Baby Boomers is a task that must not be taken lightly; alternative perspectives are a great thing when they are utilized correctly in an open environment. Our service is to supply you with candidates who have the mental and social inclination to be an asset to your facility while your job is to curate an environment that encourages a smooth transition and collaboration between team members.

Finding the most qualified Lab Technologist takes time and is based on marketing, networking, and referrals. Hiring smart the first time will improve efficiency and decrease cost for your organization.

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